Fundamental Start Up Tips for an Automotive Business.

Below I list crucial things about a new automotive business. These are just general tips that you definitely need to help your business. We will get into more detailed parts of processes as there are alot of them! Hopefully this list can help you as a guideline to some of the things you NEED to do...

(Will be also frequently updating this list)


Spread the word...

  • Tell anyone you know you offer automotive services whenever they need help.
  • Friends tell other Friends and that's crucial for starting a customer base.
  • If you are doing a body shop, make sure everyone knows you can handle insurance related work.
  • Build all the social accounts, don't forget Yelp!
  • Go to supplemental businesses that can possibly need your help.
  • If you know any social media influencers use them!


Customer Service

  • Keep your customers updated, email/call them daily!
  • Good news or bad news, make sure the customer knows.
  • Do not over promise anything...
  • Maintain Timelines, if there are delays update them.


Offer incentives..

  • Free Pick up/Drop off
  • Do little extra things (car wash for example) to keep customers happy. 
  • Keep pricing competitive.


Organize Everything..

  • Signed paperwork with detailed information of the customer
  • Detailed information about the vehicle when dropping off.
  • Detailed pricing.
  • Every File for every car should have detailed timelines.


Get the Job Done...

  • Remember you can always use help, if you can't do it find someone that can to make sure the job is done.
  • There's a lot of sublet shops out there. Although I hate subletting anything you often can benefit from it.
  • Quality check 2 times!
  • Always Take Deposits for Jobs.
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