Questions to ask yourself before you Start an Auto Business.

Here's what you need to ask yourself before you start an Automotive Business. After 15 years of experience these are the things I found to be the fundamental issues to start!


I want you to answer these questions (Copy/Paste them) and email me the answers,


  • Are you passionate about cars?
  • Are you passionate about business?
  • Are you Lazy? Can you be at work many hours a day?
  • Do you easily give up when money is scarce?
  • Do you have knowledge or experience with cars, if so how much?
  • Can you deal with real customers on a daily basis?
  • Do you have a temper when dealing with issues/problems?
  • Have any money to start, if so how much?
  • Access to a Loan, if so how much?
  • Have a location planned out? Lease terms? Explain Location.
  • Partners or alone?
  • Any employees already in mind or no?
  • Are you going to be working on the cars yourself?
  • Are you good with Social Media? If so, what's your socials?
  • Mechanic shop, Body Shop, Wrap Shop or Custom Shop?
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