Word of advise Tuesday....

Hey guys, im going to vent sometimes, I dont have all the time to make videos so this will be 1 way I communicate with my Members. Will be working on videos soon with lots of detailed business information but here and there look out for these posts! We are fully inside 2020 at this point and if you are feeling stagnant with business/money its time you get your ass to work. Ill be honest sometimes I stop pushing and Im contempt with work but then it will hit me that I made a mistake. Im lucky enough to have very successful friends and seeing them push forward really motivates me. If you are able, energetic and smart you should never stop. If you get comfortable with your business/life I promise you that someone else will pass you quickly. The most valuable thing in life is time and nobody can beat that. Sooner or later you will wish you had more time to do things differently. Well now is the fucking time.... Get up, push your ideas, don't stop and get shit done.

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